Eclectic, solitary, free form, off the cuff, how I want to do it, didn't read it anywhere in any book, practitioner of several aspects of multiple and various magiks. My friends call me Witchie, or Delirium. Since this is a vanity page, and I am conviction fueled by contradiction, I thought I would keep a tiny space of my thoughts on my faiths and practices. The weird things that happen to an open witch girl in the land of milk and honey known as Silicon Valley. That is what I intend, and intent is why I chose thee path (whatever that path may be). Because it always naturally seemed that thing which came after intuition. Intuition before intent. It's the perfect excuse for my free form ways. If my ritual is something to reaffirm to me what my intent is, I'll be damned if I am going to take that from any book word for word. I am about changes and directions and the art of bending. I read what I will, take what I will, learn what I will, forget what I will, disregard what I will, adopt what I will, and as I will, so mote it be.

Blessed Be.


I got my tattoo when I was 25 and smart enough to know what I wanted to have on my body for thee rest of my life. No little roses or spider webs for me. This is the picture I took in to the tattoo artist.

I was utterly frightened at the prospect of all those needle pricks, but as it turned out, it didn't hurt that much and the endorphins carried me through the actual process. I remember standing by my car afterwards, all trembling and alive and in love with the tattoo artist. It was very intimate in that way.

A little bit about the design: Cats were of great significance to the Celtic people. In Scotland, the Stewert clan had the cat as a totem animal, and this totem covered the confederacy of a number of tribes, clans, and families. Kataobh ('cat country') now known as Caithness , is named for a Pictish tribe; the Kati. In one of the Irish Otherworld voyages, a little cat is encountered as a guardian of treasure; in maintaining its watch, it turns into a flaming form, and leaping its way through a potential thief, turns him into ashes. The cat is usually a female totem, dating back to ancient Goddess Worship. In this design, intertwined triple felines indicate the symbiotically significant number three which is sacred to the Celts. Cats are said to have nine lives ... a multiple of three.


I tend to fall madly in love with my friends. I except that I have faith in fate, and that life will gravitate me towards my Kindred Spirits. I've really got thee best friends a Witchie could ask for. I'm particular. It takes a lot to hold my attention. Anything less than extraordinary is a waste of my time. I love with fiercness, and can't be frivilous with my feelings. I'm not afraid of being alone; I've been there. I do long to surround myself with those who speak the same language, and see the world in the same shades of rose and violet blue that I do, but I am not surprised to find so few who do. Thee one came, thee one went, thee one still lingers, and I am okay with that. Life is full of unexpected turns, it's what makes it worth living. I make sure that those whom I love, know it, and I am not ashamed to be fragile in their company. I try like crazy to live by this one rule, when it comes to those who through their very fabulousness have managed a place close to my heart:



I keep a livejournal where a lot of my thoughts go. It keeps me sane, mostly. I am obsessed with Merlot, coffee, music, books, Disney Villains, Danielle Dax, The Cult, haunted things and places, and other assorted spookiness.

a day of the dead
a boot to the head
a walk in the clouds
a run through the crowds
a moment of presence
a lifetime of penance
a trip to the moon
an uncertain doom
a crisp new born baby
a soft sultry lady
a cat with nine lives
has it better than I.